In Africa, cities are created where the population can not live

If you take a closer look at the evolution of the global population, it quickly becomes clear that not only are we becoming more and more people, but we are also increasingly attracting men and women to the big cities. Especially here in Germany, this is often seen as a problem, as more and more jobs disappear in the country and the supply there is increasingly worse.

The situation is similar in the countries of Africa with which I deal in our current article. In the past, we have already told you about new cities that are being built up within a few years. For example, the major project "Diamniadio" in Senegal , which will combine mobility and sustainability in the future. Money for such projects comes mainly from China .

The new cities bring many benefits to Africa. In addition to the economic growth that comes from the establishment of companies and the attracting of new investors, the quality of life for the inhabitants by a better supply will continue to rise. In this w…

Top 5 Most Unusual Phones In The World

A little while ago I made this article about weird foam my goodness did I find some strange phones for that article, I decided to take it up a notch the universe of strange phones is bigger than I thought and ones in front of me today are even weirder than the last one five very weird phones.
Top 5 Most Unusual Phones In The World

1. Now let's kick it up with the KR 999, this thing is gigantic kind of resembles the whole Zack Boris. Features of KR 999 are giant flashlight on it, triple frequency, dual sim, dual ultra long standby, Bighorn. It's actually a Motorola, the battery is 16800 milliamp hours sometimes these things are labeled a little incorrectly, this thing does become a power bank SIM card slots in there an expandable storage there we go see if it's got any juice, color LCD display, FM radio, mp3, little flashlight.
Top 5 Most Unusual Phones In The World

2. The Jack's favorite phone- he's a happy looking guy though, do you have a little face here as well in case you're a proper psychopath me loves you am i able to power this up it just goes on for a second and then dies I don't think it's a power thing welcome I don't know what that is not a power thing someone in the audience can tell us what this says right now that tell us there you go well I mean you get the gist of it yeah you get a heart in the in all the right spots.
Top 5 Most Unusual Phones In The World

3. Next up this one's fancy, you've guessed correctly this is the ultra limited louis vuitton this is incredible look at this thing it actually has some weight to it as well look at that luxury battery compartment in the back this plate is thick metal oh another battery, luxury the menu is like clothing items a wrench to friendship there's a camera on here whoa not too many pixels there huh oh okay nice little puzzle game there for you notice a thing here with these weird phones they all have some little gimmick like that look at the flashing it's bizarre.
Top 5 Most Unusual Phones In The World

4. Next up it's like a secret phone you could have this on a shelf or something and it looks like a model of a car but it's a backup phone boom, that battery's large 8800 milliamp hours to SIM cards plus an SD yeah whoa loudspeaker to SUV theme carrying through here the headlights that's kind of cool another terrible camera 320 by 240 so the cameras in the front here right there it's like a spy camera Range Rovers.
Top 5 Most Unusual Phones In The World

5. The last phone is the weirdest this thing's going to blow your mind filter plus flavor 20 cigarettes what this is a phone what if you turn it around it's got a dial pad so must be a phone right a cigarette pack phone fake cigarettes in there there's a mini USB port and space for more cigarettes that's the weirdest phone show me aware of phone than that you can't do it, like there's no way they have clearance on that track for some reason this one has a Land Rover vehicle in the background like just because why not it has a camera as well, it's a 128 by 160 pixels that's the camera on the side of the thing look at the resolution there you'll notice that the interface on a lot of these weird phones is almost borrowed it's very similar that's an actual thing that's a phone that's a MarlBoro phone, I cannot answer the why someone somewhere was more interested in the why not and so be it, it's the weirdest phone in the world as far as I'm concerned welcome to crazy town where people's phones are cigarette packs.


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