In Africa, cities are created where the population can not live

If you take a closer look at the evolution of the global population, it quickly becomes clear that not only are we becoming more and more people, but we are also increasingly attracting men and women to the big cities. Especially here in Germany, this is often seen as a problem, as more and more jobs disappear in the country and the supply there is increasingly worse.

The situation is similar in the countries of Africa with which I deal in our current article. In the past, we have already told you about new cities that are being built up within a few years. For example, the major project "Diamniadio" in Senegal , which will combine mobility and sustainability in the future. Money for such projects comes mainly from China .

The new cities bring many benefits to Africa. In addition to the economic growth that comes from the establishment of companies and the attracting of new investors, the quality of life for the inhabitants by a better supply will continue to rise. In this w…

Letter to my post-baby body

Dear physical me,

I think I owe you an expression of remorse.

It is uncommon I do anything besides moan or draw a face when I see you nowadays, and I'm certain it can't rest easy. Like a week ago when I pulled back with sickening apprehension seeing my increased bum in the mirror (when did that occur coincidentally?), or how a look at my void previous bosoms dependably motivations me to frown and rapidly turn away.

I can't recall the last time I said anything positive in regards to you.

You're amusing molded, you wobble when I run, my garments don't look as they used to on you… you in reality sort of sicken me on occasion (too bad).

Just today I found another thing to reprimand you about: wrinkly lower legs! That is correct, it appears the combo of hitting my late 30s and not having sufficient energy to saturate throughout the previous five years has inflicted significant damage. On the off chance that I had a pound for each time I've wished you were somewhat unique, I figure I'd have the capacity to manage the cost of a genuinely necessary facial and some favor skin elixir. In any case, I haven't, so I can't. Tragically.

I know it offends you when I markdown all the great circumstances we've had. When I appear to overlook if not for you, three astonishing lives (counting mine) could never have been lived.

It's actual – you've done some magnificent work, phenomenal even.

Those pitiful looking sacks-for-bosoms have encouraged and support my children for such quite a while. (Amusing, isn't it, that it appeared like an age and frequently a perseverance, yet go instantly and now I sort of miss it.) They hushed cries, welcomed rest and made flawless cushions. Also, if I somehow managed to settle on that decision once more, it wouldn't change. My body: you did all I needed you to, and I'm thankful you gave me such a large number of valuable minutes as a result of it.

I know I am cursing of my traded off pelvic floor and the reality my tummy presently grins for reasons unknown, however you completed a stellar activity under intense conditions. Developing and conveying babies: extending, pulling, inclining –'s will undoubtedly affect, and my kids are certainly justified regardless of a touch of inadvertent blow-back.

It's very simple for me to center around each negative thing, and overlook that while you may age and begin to decay, you're additionally brimming with beauty, in your own particular wonky way.

<p>mum with child and toddler<p>

The hands that hold, secure, clean and handle two little kids might be dry and unmanicured – yet they're a thing of solace and their own particular sort of excellence. And keeping in mind that whatever remains of you may reflect indications of my propensity for carbs and drop out with rest, you generally show up and get me where I should be.

On account of you, I can scramble up the climbing outline with my little child, keep running with my child as he hurries, give piggybacks around the garden and step together through the forested areas.

It's actual – you don't look anything like you used to, however you're a wellspring of life, solace and commonality to the ones who matter the most to me.

I never reveal to you this – yet I should. I'm so extremely pleased with you.

Of all you have done, of all you have me through and of all you have made.

You're marvelous, and I cherish you. Sorry for being such a mean young lady. And furthermore for all the wine and sugar crashes


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